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Depending on your readiness and understanding of the process, you should devote three months to a year to planning before you buy. First, you must understand your credit, where you stand in the credit worthiness and what you can do to improve your credit scores. Secondly, think about the financing of your purchase. Where will the money come from? How long will it take you to save the money for your purchase or for a down payment? What do you need to know about Islamic Finance and the loan process? What can you afford? Third, after you secure financing, be it your own savings or a mortgage, you may start house hunting.

You may need a real estate agent to help you search, in many states we have a buyers broker,  Ijara Realty, LLC,  that is sensitive to the needs of Muslim customers that can assist you with your home purchase. You also need to finalize all of your wants and needs in a house. Along the way, you should have thought of the type of neighborhood and house you want to live in, the must-haves and the nice-to-haves. Once you find a house and sign a purchase contract, the last step is closing, i.e., the process of transferring ownership to you, typically this takes between 3-4 weeks. Finally, you can move into your new house. is a company specializing in Islamic finance alternatives. We are not a loan originator or broker, but a Sharia structuring company working with licensed providers to structure Sharia compliant financial transactions.  Our mission is to provide outstanding industry information regarding Islamic Loan financing alternatives to consumers who abide by religious or ethical prohibitions relating to the payment of interest on loans. We want to be your educational resource for Islamic finance alternatives relating to home buying and replacement of existing mortgages. We operate in 50 states and Canada.

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